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Supported by a fleet of 20 service vehicles and over 50 certified technicians, CTM offers a flexible service formula. Our technical team delivers professional service in all aspects of radio communication, from installation to programming to the maintenance of your communication equipment and systems. Our professional methodology also allows us to rapidly and efficiently install new systems.

Repairing radio communication equipment

Whether it concerns a walkie-talkie, a base radio, or a mobile radio, our technical team possesses the required certifications from all manufacturers to repair each piece of equipment. We ensure quick turnarounds as well as have a loaner program to help you get through during the duration of the repair.

Upkeep and preventive maintenance

CTM offers a comprehensive maintenance program so that you may benefit from the use of equipment that functions at maximum capacity. Whether it be a simple cleaning, performance verification or a reconditioning of electronic components, our service offer will allow you to prevent equipment breakdown and thereby optimize your operations.


Our mobile installation team has the capability to provide quality installs right at your facility. Each one of our vehicles contains the necessary equipment to complete all types of installs, no matter how complex: heavy machinery, vehicle install, or base radio.


Upon purchasing new radio equipment or in order to restructure you communication scheme, our programming team will configure your radio fleet as per your requirements. New radio equipment is programmed within our facilities and, to simplify the process, CTM also offers the possibility to program your existing equipment directly within your place of operations. The programming is verified and tested before delivery.

Communication systems and sites

CTM offers 24/7 technical support should your operations require a stable functioning communication system. CTM supports and maintains several public security systems, our own networks as well as our client’s networks.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why repair a radio?
    For most of the more recent models of radios it is economically advantageous to repair equipment rather than to replace through purchase. Our repair fee along with our quick turnarounds represents your best option for repairs.

  • How to eliminate the majority of communication issues caused by faulty equipment.
    Through a preventive maintenance program our technical team verifies the condition of the electronic components of all your equipment which, in spite of not being visibly detectable, may have been damaged during usage. Supported by a team of over 50 technicians, CTM offers the most efficient preventive maintenance program on the market.

  • Why pay to have a technician install a piece of equipment in a vehicle?
    Did you know that the quality of communication does not only depend on the quality of the equipment being used but also on the excellence of the installation? All of our installations respect a strict company standard; one which protects your equipment, optimizes the ergonomics of the interior of the vehicle and, ultimately, one which guarantees the best results in terms of communications. All our installations are guaranteed!

  • Why choose CTM to program your radios?
    CTM has 10 programmers to support your needs. The programming is completed in accordance with Industry Canada norms and in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Erroneous programming always generates communication issues causing important disturbances. We offer a personalized programming service which respects the standards of the industry.

  • What do you do when your system fails in the middle of the night?
    Call on us for technical support! We provide 24/7 service. Our technical team ensures the continuity of your system, whether it involves user equipment or the network you use.

  • Purchase

    Our expertise allows us to provide customized solutions suited for your current and evolving needs, thereby providing your firm with an advantageous return on investment!

  • Rentals

    The extensive amount of inventory we carry, harmonized with our expertise, can meet the needs of any major event, either of short or long duration; success guaranteed!

  • Coverage

    Energized by the MototrboTM platform, our radio communication network is designed to meet the evolving needs of our clientele. In partnering with this network you will profit from the use of a versatile system that will allow you to operate with peace of mind!


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