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Why rent radios?

10 000 radios:

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24h service guarantee:

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Offered services

  • Quick delivery
  • 24/7 service
  • Short and/or long term rental agreements
  • Several models from which to choose
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Dedicated rental team
  • Customized programming
  • Certified Motorola team
  • Authorized Motorola dealer
  • Verification and maintenance of equipment
  • No hidden fees
  • Advantageous discounts
  • On-site service
  • Technical support
  • Rapid intervention
  • Competitive rates

Why choose us

In delegating us with the mandate to provide you with radio communication equipment for your event you will receive a simple, affordable, and efficient solution. You will receive the peace of mind required to plan out your event without having to worry about your communications!

Radio Rentals


Radio rental

Although mobile phones have considerably improved communication between individuals, some larger-scale events require a more economical and adequate way to communicate. In these cases, communication devices found through radio rental will meet your demands while significantly reduce your bill.

About radio rental

Many sectors rely on radio rental for operational uses, whether paramedical services, public security, transport or industries, everyone gains from radio rental. Used for decades by a large range of people in every field, radio rental represents a versatile solution and assure a quality communication, regardless of the working environment.

The radio principle is based on a wireless way to communicate, transmitted by waves from a device to another, or through a repeater station. The first long range communication a device appeared in the 19th century, with the telegraph, and has continued to grow ever since. With the advent of digital in the radio field, CTM now offers a highly interesting range of solutions that go beyond the simple communication. CTM develops customized solutions to meet the growing demand of its customers.

A rental radio service that meets your requirements

We are proud to offer a radio rental service that will meet all of your expectations while respecting your budget. We are committed to your organization's success, regardless of the area in which you work. Whether it is for a shoot, a banquet, a reception or a cultural or sporting event, your communications will benefit from our exceptional service.

Our experience at your service

With more than 50 years of experience in the wireless communication sector, CTM offers customized packages. You can choose the option that suits you and take advantage from the various benefits related to a CTM rental solution. Authorized dealer of Motorola for many years, CTM provides adequate performance to your communications, relying on a manufacturer, who has proven itself over the years. For our rental inventory, we provide you with equipment, perfectly adapted to your reality.

You can choose among our extensive inventory!

• Portable radios
• Mobile radios for vehicles
• Full range of accessories
• Relay (repeater)
• Headset and microphones
• Surveillance set
• Batteries
• Transport solutions Bluetooth
• Multi-chargers and simple chargers

And much more!

Why choose CTM for your radio rental?

We are offering a reliable and flexible radio rental program. With more than 10 000 units in our inventory, you will find all the necessary material to satisfy your requirements. Whether it is for a daily, weekly or the monthly rental, we specialize ourselves in last minute renting, and we guarantee the most competitive prices in the industry.

A personalized service for your radio rental

Be assured that our team will show you each step of the way: from planning to the installation, through your network programming and verification of your devices since all devices are guaranteed. Our experienced sellers travel the roads all around Quebec since our customers' market continues to grow. Deal with one of our three branches located in Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau

Optimal technical support

Our specialist team is also available to answer any question concerning the procedures related to your rental solution's performance. To ensure your event's success, CTM offers you a polyvalent technical support, allowing you to customize your operations and reduce your team's work.

Competitive prices

CTM is offering you the most competitive prices on the market for its radio rental service. You may as well choose among a variety of packages to adequately achieve each of your events while respecting your budget.

High-performance equipment

By being an authorized dealer of Motorola, CTM ensures to provide radios, walkie-talkies, relays and accessories that are highly effective, resistant and secure. We regularly inspect, verify and test each device to give you maximum performance.

For more information

Is your event approaching rapidly? Complete now the free submission form. We will contact you as soon as possible to identify and organize the communication plan for your event. You can also contact us by phone to speak with one of our rental solution's expert at this toll free number: 1-888-286-6624

Radio rental benefits:

  • • Warranty protection:

    We guarantee all devices throughout the rental, except for physical breaks.
  • • Tax deduction:

    You will benefit of an advantageous tax deduction.
  • • Fast and courteous service:

    Our professional team will assist in each step of your event. You can also benefit from a flexible delivery service.
  • • No additional fees:

    The prices include all costs. This way, you can effectively plan your communication budget.

Criteria to know before making radio rental

It is necessary to mention that, before each radio rental, it is necessary to plan your event's different parameters, locations where communication is required, number of units, number of groups, length, audio accessories, etc. This will determine the premise to your radio rental solution.


If your organization or event already has an established budget for radio rental, consult us to learn more about the available packages and radio rental that will adapt to your needs while respecting your budget. CTM offers you the best packages on the market.


CTM offers you a radio rental solution enhanced by an outstanding technical service. At CTM, be assured that our experienced team will provide a full range of services: estimation, repair and installation.

Rental duration

We recommend you customized packages that can vary through time. Whether it is for a punctual, weekly, monthly or seasonal event, our service offering enables you to benefit from a fee associated to your needs. CTM also presents rental packages up to 60 months.

Event type or business sector

There is an excellent selection of radio devices on the market, and CTM possesses the ability to assist you in the choice of equipment required. Whether it is for an event, a security agency, a factory or a manufacture, we will be pleased to inform you in each step.

Send us a free submission form and we will reply as soon as possible.

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  • Need help to establish a plan of action for your communications?
    We simplify the task! We support all major events in Eastern Canada and this for the past 50 years!

  • For made to measure accessories, lean on the creativity of our team.
    We have developed solutions perfectly adapted for all types of events!

  • Not familiar with how to apply to Industry Canada for frequencies?
    No problem, we will take of this for you!

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  • Need help in managing your radio inventory?
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  • For a last minute request, contact us!
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  • Radio rental program starting from $10 per week
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